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Inspired by earth

Surround yourself with artwork inspired by a reverence for the mysterious and wondrous natural world.

Our current collection |SWELL evokes water, fluidity, and cells. The cell, like a ritual, is a self-generating and self-reproducing living entity that contains the instructions for life. This collection was created during a time of deep reflection and transition on a global scale. Time seemed to ebb and flow between night and day like a constantly shifting liquid, slippery creature.

The Endless Forest

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The Endless Forest

This work represents my MFA Thesis Exhibition, comprised of four large-scale drawings, shown at the University of Arizona Museum of Art.

As my maternal grandmother succumbed to illness, I began taking photographs of the tree shadows in her neighborhood. The shadows felt like a manifestation of her passing into the spirit dimension. My grief in losing my grandmother felt somehow faraway and disarticulated, like falling and scattered leaves in autumn. I feel the disappearance of forests in a similar way. I began to connect the grief I feel for my grandmother, and for all of my ancestors, to the grief I feel about climate change, deforestation, and extinction. Phantom-like but no less real, this grief and the shadows I draw are signifiers of presence, energy, and spiritual connection to earth.

The Endless Forest (The End of the Forest) is a series of four large scale drawings exploring these manifestations of grief. In traversing a shadowed, impossibly moonlit forest, the viewer encounters moments of magic as often as moments of darkness, moments of recognition as often as moments of abstraction. The forest becomes a metaphor for life’s interrelatedness and enmeshment, and for the journey we take in our minds as we attempt to comprehend loss. The mind and body are enmeshed. Processing ecological grief requires symbiosis between the material and immaterial. In confronting what we cannot grasp, and reckoning with what we do not know, dark ecology offers a possible path forward: face the dark and integrate the shadow. As the light and shadow interplay and fade in and out on the paper, so do the light and shadow entangle in my psyche. The way out is through.

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